We left my Dad's house around 10 am and drove down to the Cape, arriving at my friend Kim P.'s parents' house mid-afternoon. There was not enough time to go to the beach, but we took a brisk walk around and down to the marsh while Kim teleworked.

When we got back, we chatted briefly with her parents who had just gotten in, then had to rush off to Truro Vineyards to set up.

Due to the setting - a wine/dine tasting - we played in a very controlled manner, restraining dynamics to keep a relatively even volume. The show far exceeded our expectations, since our expectation was that we would be merely background music. Instead, the crowd was very responsive and we had a great time. The food and wine were delicious, also. We bought bottles of Moscato and Barbera to take home.

After the show, we hung out with Kim and her parents at their house, drinking wine, of course!

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