Haze & Dacey
Kirsten Hazler


© Kirsten Hazler - all rights reserved


Lately it seems I'm a little bit crazy and running around a bit

too much late night and dancing

too much flirting in the bar rooms

but lately I'd have to say I'm finally free

and this is where I wanna be


Sometimes it's hard to discover that it's high time to finally leave your lover

'cause you want him, and thought you'd always need him

and you love him; he's been such a good friend

but sometimes you realize that you have to leave

'cause freedom's what you really need


I've loved you for so long

but always it seemed just a little bit wrong

or at least just not quite right

Now we're headed for some long and lonely nights

And I wish that I could stay

And I'm sorry things didn't work out that way

but you have to let me go because     


These days clarity and motion are the new phase dominating my emotions

and the Tensas River keeps on flowing

and the Mississippi Kites are soaring

in the blue sky, inviting me to fly away…

You know that I could never stay

You know that I could never stay

Never never never stay