Oh Canada

© Kirsten R. Hazler (2019)


Inspired by a scene in Episode 11, Season 2. June is on the brink of escape, having found the keys to someone's car, and tunes in to a radio station broadcasting from somewhere up in Canada.

Here's a rough recording:

Fun fact #1: I had to record Dacey's part right after I rolled out of bed, because that's the only time I can hit a low C.

Fun fact #2: I musically quote another song by another band in this song. Can you figure out what it is?


RADIO DJ (spoken):
...Radio Free America, broadcasting from somewhere in the Great White North... Now a tune to remind everyone who's listening, American patriot or Gilead traitor, we are still here. Stars and Stripes forever, baby.

Oh Canada, I heard your voice on the radio
Saying you're still there with open arms
Oh Canada, I'm on my way

Over the border and through the woods
Your voice gave me solace and a little hope
Oh Canada, I'm on my way

Oh Canada, your voice on the car radio
The world outside was covered in snow
I had a getaway car but I couldn't go
Oh Canada, I could not go

Oh Canada, your voice stuck in my head
I'll either make it there or I'll end up dead
I had to postpone freedom for another day
But oh Canada, I'm on my way

Oh Canada, you can't imagine what I've seen
You can't imagine what they've done to me
Oh Canada, please take me in

Oh Canada, are you the land of milk and honey?
Where I can read a book and spend my own money?
Oh Canada, you took me in

Oh Canada, a bowl of cereal can make me cry
Blessed be the Froot Loops, under his eye
No use asking the reasons why
I'm still alive and she had to die
I made it to the Land of Canaan
Oh Canada, can I begin again?

Oh Canada, a man can break or a man can bend
Oh Canada, you took me in
Oh Canada, a man can break or a man can bend
Oh Canada, can you help me mend?
Oh Canada, a man can break or a man can bend
Oh Canada, I'm a broken man

Oh Canada, you've done so much but it's not enough
Diplomacy can only go so far
Its time to raise an army, start a righteous war
For my wife and child and many more
So many more, so many more
They're trapped on the other side
Oh Canada, it's a genocide
Oh Canada, it's time to rise