4-day tour: Barren Ridge

I spent the morning teleworking from the hotel room.  Can't let the music habit get too much in the way of the day job!  After noon we drove to Fishersville, to check out the space where we'd be playing at Barren Ridge Vineyards that night.  We had lunch at a little local store, the Cheese Shoppe.

We checked into the HoJo's in Staunton, and had a little time to lounge by the pool.  It's no DoubleTree, but it's our motel of choice in Staunton.  It's walkable to the downtown, has a nice park nearby, and the price is right.

Barren Ridge has a great outdoor patio area.  It was clear when we arrived, but once again rain threatened.  We debated about setting up inside, but since there was a sheltered area, we set up there -- next to the wine barrels and farm equipment.  

The patio tables were filling up nicely, and people were enjoying their picnic suppers and bottles of wine while we played.  I think we only got about two songs into our first set before it started to sprinkle.  People toughed it out for awhile, but as the rain gathered velocity they started moving their chairs into the equipment shelter with us.  No room for tables there.  A few intrepid folks remained at their tables under umbrellas!

By the second set it was raining steadily.  We asked if people wanted to move inside, but the majority wanted to have the show continue outside.  And so we played on, as the rain ramped up to Noah's Ark proportions.  The atmosphere was festive; there is a certain comraderie that arises when everybody bands together to brave the elements.  But when it got to the point that rivers were forming around my guitar pedal and our cables and the PA, and lightning started flashing, it was time to abandon ship.  We hurriedly pulled the power cords out of the sockets, and moved our stuff into a more sheltered corner of the building.

And then we hauled the instruments inside, upstairs for an unplugged show.  What fun!  Free of microphones and instrument cables, we moved around the room like traveling minstrels.  I belted out the songs as loudly as I could to compensate for the lack of PA, and Dacey played his bass so hard his fingers were sore. So. Much. Fun.  I won't forget that show anytime soon.

And here's Barren Ridge's own blog about the event