4-day tour: Carter Mountain

Just a few days after returning from our whirlwind trip to upstate New York and back, we headed out on a 4-day, 4-gig mini-tour.  First stop:  Carter Mountain for their Thursday evening "Sunsets" music series.

As we drove out I-64, we weren't even sure we'd get to play.  The weather was foreboding, and this is what it looked like through the windshield for awhile:  

There is no indoor option for music at Carter Mountain; we had to delay our show for an hour to let the storm pass.  We had a good crowd and a good time after that!

After the show we drove to the Doubletree Hotel in Charlottesville.  You have to go through the strip-mall hell of Route 29 to get there, but once you arrive, it's an oasis.  Much fancier digs than we usually choose on the road, but I got a pretty good deal through Priceline.  We had a late dinner at the tavern in the hotel, then crashed on one of the most comfy beds I've ever slept on.