Double-header: Irvington and Hofgarden

The alarm went off at 5:30 am. We don't usually get up this early to play gigs, but today we were playing at the Farmers Market in Irvington. And we hadn't packed the car the night before, so we had to get all that done before hitting the road at 6:45.

It was a perfect day for the market, and we had a great time playing there. Unfortunately we had forgotten to restock the CDs in our kit, and we sold out. We sell more CDs at that market than anywhere else we play!

On the way home we made a little detour to Urbanna to get lunch at Something Different. I decided to try a softshell crab sandwich for the first time, and it was absolutely delicious.

When we got home we had time for a power-nap before heading out for our second gig of the day, here in Richmond at The Hofgarden. Load-in was a bit of a challenge since the music happens up on the roof, and we had to make several trips in the elevator - thank god for the elevator! The place was packed, and we had a good group of friends in the crowd too. We had a blast! Pictures here:

Not gonna lie - playing two gigs in one day is exhausting. But we still had enough reserves to go hang out with our friends at KP's house afterwards.