Early Mountain Vineyards, Gig #2

We had another good crowd at Early Mountain Vineyards for our second gig there.  Again we played inside because it was still too chilly and windy outside, but we are looking forward to the warmer months when we can play out on their patio. 



After the gig, my plan was to camp (solo) at Heavenly Acres Campground, which was just down the road from the vineyard.  Alas, I got there to find out they were not opening for the season until the following week.  So then I had the rather ill-advised idea to camp at Bear Creek Lake State Park instead.  Somehow, I thought it was closer than it actually was.  

I didn't get there till after dark.  So I set up my tent with my flashlight clenched between my teeth.  Then scrounged around for downed wood in the forest, because the firewood supply was securely locked up after office hours closed.  I managed to build a decent fire, at least, and dined on an entire box of "The Cheesiest" Kraft mac-n-cheese cooked over my little Pocket Rocket stove.  The word "cheese", of course, is used rather loosely in this context.