First house concert

You never know who's going to be in the audience, quietly enjoying your music, making note of your band for some future reference.  Out of the blue, I received an email through our web contact form, asking if we'd be interested in playing at a private house concert.  Of course I was curious how this person had heard of us.  I found out that she had heard the full band, Haze & The Transients, play at Legend's, and then again at the Listening Room.  That was literally several years ago; I'm amazed that she would think to invite us to play after all this time.

In any case, it sounded like fun and we accepted the gig.  The location was the living room of a third-floor apartment downtown, very close to the Jefferson Hotel. When we got there, Dacey realized he had played a concert there once before, when he was still playing with A Good Natured Riot.  He was confused though, because he recalled it being on the first floor, not the third.  Turns out, the concert hostess, Priscilla, had since moved up two flights.

We were playing completely unplugged, so the only equipment we had to haul up were our instruments, my keyboard accessories, and a music stand.  Priscilla and several guests helped with that, so it was pretty much the easiest setup ever.  I wish I had taken some photographs, because I loved the look of the place, with all the candle sconces on the walls and the beautiful wooden floors and the big windows looking out over the city as the sun was setting. 

Illuminated only by candlelight, amplified only by the natural reverberation of the room, and playing for a roomful of friendly music lovers was a most organic, earthy experience.  I loved it, once I got over my initial jitters.  I want to do it again.

One of the guests is a regular blogger about the Richmond scene, and she included us in her blog that night.  It is mostly accurate, except that I was the house show virgin, not Dacey.