Headmaster's Pub and Sperryville Weekend

We had such a great weekend in and around Sperryville this weekend! Played at Headmaster's Pub, stayed at the amazing The Inn at Mount Vernon Farm, and hiked a trail called "Little Devil's Stairs". Weekend superlatives included: 
- most comfortable bed we've ever slept in
- biggest barn we've ever seen
- friendliest horse we've ever met
- tastiest chicken salad sandwich Dacey ever ate
- most stream crossings we've ever navigated on a single day hike

We arrived at the Inn in the early evening on Saturday, where hostess Anna greeted us, gave us a little house tour, and showed us to our room.  I had chosen the "Queen's Room" primarily because of the sweet reading nook with west-facing windows where we could catch the sunset colors.  It was perfect.

We had a little time to relax and enjoy the sunset, before heading over to the Pub to have dinner and set up for our show. The Miller family owns both the Pub and the Inn. The senior Cliff Miller handles the Inn, and the junior Cliff Miller handles the Pub. We had met the younger Cliff before at some of our previous shows, but we met his dad for the first time at this show. Both good guys who obviously care about the town and the natural lands around it.

The next morning we were treated to a sumptuous breakfast buffet at the Inn, served by Anna and Lillian. There were eggs and breakfast meats from animals on the farm, blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit. Delish! If you are ever looking to splurge on a relaxing weekend away, we highly recommend this place. After breakfast, we walked around the property for about an hour, drinking in the scenery and hanging out with a friendly horse, who trotted over to us to get patted and mug for the camera. 

We picked up lunch to go at a little bakery in Sperryville, then headed to the Little Devil's Stairs trailhead. We had gotten the hiking info from the webpage of the Hopkins Ordinary, another B & B in town. We did the 5-mile circuit, which was plenty challenging! Quite steep, with lots of stream crossings and small waterfalls. It was a great hike, and we want to go back in the summer sometime so we can dip our toes in the water and splash around in the pools.

You can find more pictures from our weekend in our photo album.