Last duo gig of 2013 at Midnight Brewery

The weather outside was frightful.  Driving rain, cold, yuck.  The kind of day where all I really wanted to do was cuddle up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and a good book.  So we weren't too optimistic that anyone would show up for our afternoon gig at Midnight Brewery.  Thankfully, we were wrong!  We had a good steady crowd the whole time.

I enjoyed drinking the stout.  It seemed the best choice for a cold rainy day.  Dacey was more adventurous, and got a flight of several different beers.  Since I hadn't had lunch, I was thankful that the guys from River City Wood Fire Pizza were there.  They actually have a mobile brick oven -- who knew there was such a thing?  So they made the pizzas to order right in front of the customers.  I got their mushroom pizza and it was delicious.  The crust was perfect.  They completely sold out during the show -- good for them, sad for those that wanted pizza and couldn't have any!

Our dear friend Chris showed up so we got him to join us for a song, playing lead guitar on "Give it up or let me go".  The photographic evidence is blurry, but I like it so I'm posting it anyway.  Thanks to the guy who snapped this and sent it to Dacey!  (Sorry I don't know your name).

The most fun-lovin' twin gals I know, Linda and Denise, came in time for our third set.  They brought us Santa hats!  So then I definitely had to sing "Santa Baby".  When else do I get to sing from the viewpoint of a materialistic sex kitten?

There were only three mishaps associated with this show:  two beer spills, and my car's panic alarm going off.  Yes, as we were ready to drive off, Dacey accidentally hit the "panic" button on my car key.  Three graduate degrees between us, and we could NOT figure out how to silence the alarm for the longest time.  Rather embarrassing way to end the afternoon.  Apologies to the Midnight staff who had to listen to that mess!