Carytown Cupcakes, 3/29/15

"Ricky got the quarters for the table and broke..." 

Carytown Cupcakes, 3/22/15

Amazing crowd today!  I played three hours straight with no break whatsoever...

Church Hill Irish Festival 2015

We were both all amped up, and I think we played songs a little faster than usual.  It's a rush to play in a festival setting...

Carytown Cupcakes, 3/20/15

It was a bit slow tonight, but a little kid totally made my evening with his dance moves...

Cozy by the fire at Saude Creek Vineyards

It was cozy in there with the fireplace, as evidenced by this cat...

Wintry mix at Lickinghole Creek

As we headed towards Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery, it was 22 degrees and the weather pundits were calling for a wintry mix.  Not a good day to be out on the roads...

Post-Valentine's Day at Carytown Cupcakes

Here's a snippet of a Wiyo's song, "Baby if you think I'm crazy about you..."

A new music venue: Carytown Cupcakes!

Carytown Cupcakes recently started a new Sunday music series featuring solo artists for month-long residencies.  Since I couldn't commit to a month's worth of Sundays, we worked it out for me to alternate weeks with my good friend Elana Lisa.

First gig of 2015

We kicked off our 2015 season with a show close to home, at Midnight Brewery.  

Unplugged at Cooper Vineyards

By some small miracle, we were still both able to stand after finishing the Richmond half-marathon the day before our gig at Cooper Vineyards

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