Ducard Vineyards Debut

This one goes down in the books as "the gig where we broke the piano."  

Another Sunny Day at Saude Creek Vineyards

We've played at Saude Creek several times now, but this was the first time we played down on the lower patio.

Mountains and Wine and Beer and Music

No gig today, just R & R.

Wine, Moon, and Stars

We were really looking forward to this gig at Virginia Mountain Vineyards, billed as "Wine, Moon, and Stars".

4-day tour: Strangeways

As I went to drop off the motel key, I heard and saw a killdeer making a ruckous, and discovered their baby chick scurrying around...

4-day tour: Devil's Backbone

We stopped at the Humpback Rocks Mountain Farm, where I hassled some chickens...

4-day tour: Barren Ridge

And so we played on, as the rain ramped up to Noah's Ark proportions.  The atmosphere was festive; there is a certain comraderie that arises when everybody bands together to brave the elements....

4-day tour: Carter Mountain

First stop:  Carter Mountain for their Thursday evening "Sunsets" music series.

Whirlwind Tour, Day 4: Long Ride Home

And then it was time for the long-ass, really boring drive home...

Whirlwind Tour, Day 3: Woodland Pond

One lady got right up and sashayed a little dance down the aisle, and as far as I could tell, no one fell asleep...

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