Summer Tour 2016: Meredith, NH to Bar Harbor, ME

I awoke at first light to the sound of our campsite trashcan clanking...

Summer Tour 2016: Meredith, NH

We enjoyed the antics of the resident chipmunks, whose hidey-hole was right next to our woodpile...

Summer Tour 2016: New Paltz NY to Amherst MA to Meredith NH

I woke in the night at least twice, hip sore against the cold, hard ground, and pumped up the mattress again. 

Summer Tour 2016: A day off in New Paltz

After 4 shows in 4 days, this was our day off from performing.  

Summer Tour 2016: Williamsport PA to New Paltz NY

Jack loves the mouth-trumpet!  

Summer Tour 2016: Shawnee to Williamsport, PA

I will always remember that night, the passion of the painter, the luminous colors emanating from the walls in the dark, the feeling of connecting with a stranger over art and music and love and loss.

Summer Tour 2016: Winchester VA to Shawnee PA

It feels good to be truly appreciated. THIS is why we do this!

Summer Tour 2016: Richmond/Crozet/Winchester VA

So off we went in the soccer-mom-wagon, to our first gig of the tour:  Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery in Crozet, VA. 

The Transient Trio at Saude Creek

One guy came up close to the "stage" and I could hear him singing a harmony.  And it was actually really good!

The Transient Trio at Headmaster's Pub

I totally lost it laughing when Chris, in all seriousness, alerted the guy of an upcoming key change -- while he was on the egg, not the banjo!

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