Run, bike, swim, kayak, drink, dine, whew!

We were done with our gigs for the weekend, so we were free to do whatever we wanted, with no time constraints.  We made the most of it today!

In the morning, we had a breakfast of pancakes and fruit in our room, then went running.  Running AFTER pancakes?  Yeah, we do that sometimes.  We're weird that way.  We are also not particularly speedy runners.

We ran (and sometimes lumbered) 3.1 miles down to the bike rental place and got ourselves a pair of bikes.  Then rode back to the motel to get our beach stuff and pick up my kayak.  It was a good day for the beach, and we spent the hours alternately frolicking in the water and relaxing in the shade of the umbrella (me) or in the blazing sun inviting skin cancer (Dacey).  

I also took the ocean kayak out for awhile.  It's so relaxing once you get out past the surf, out of earshot from the hubbub of the beach crowd.  It's fun to get up close on the pelicans diving for fish out there.  Bobbing up and down on the gentle swells is hypnotic, almost a religious experience.  For all that, it can be dicey coming back in, negotiating the rougher waves and churning surf.  Dacey doesn't really like it when I'm out there in the boat, because I often capsize in the surf and it makes him nervous.  But this girl needs a little adrenaline rush from time to time!

Later, we took a bike ride out to the Wright Memorial, and took some pictures with the sculptures.  

Then we went down to Manteo to check out the First Friday arts/music scene.  We ended up at Poor Richard's for awhile, listening to a pretty rockin' chick duo, one playing guitar and the other drums, both singing.  [I am writing this retroactively, and sadly can't remember their name].  We'd like to get to play there sometime, but hear it is notoriously hard to get in.  If anyone has any pull... 

Dacey treated me to dinner at Tale of the Whale that night.  Ooh la la!  We love that place.  It's pricey, but worth it... especially when he's paying!