Sanctuary Vineyards (Jarvisburg, NC)

It was a dreary, rainy morning and early afternoon.  We both felt pretty lethargic and "lumpy".  At least we got out for a walk on the beach.  They sky was menacing storms, which did not bode well for our gig that night. 


But by the time it was time to set up for our "Acoustic Sunset" show, things had cleared up.  So, instead of setting up in the tasting room at Sanctuary Vineyards, we were able to set up outside in front of their sister store, the Cotton Gin.  Things were going well.  

During the first or second break, I went into the Cotton Gin to check out their wares.  I had been in there before, but somehow had missed the fact that the store goes waaaay back.  There was room after room of stuff.  I was in there poking around for 15 minutes or so, then came back out to play.  While I was gone there had been a flash cloudburst, and everybody scrambled to cover our equipment or move it inside.  I missed all that because no one had any idea where I was!  We finished out the show a little damp, but it was all good.