Summer Tour 2016: The Ritz (Oak Bluffs), Hōkūleʻa, and a Disaster!

In the morning we all went to Vineyard Haven for the send-off of Hōkūleʻa, a replica of an ancient Polynesian double-hulled sailing canoe which was on a 3-year voyage around the world. My uncle Sam is an anthropologist, author, filmmaker and photographer, and wrote a book about this vessel, her voyages, and Polynesian navigators.

Afterwards, we went swimming at Hart Beach. Dad and I went for a little kayak paddle, and enjoyed watching some swallow babies. Unfortunately, someone went swimming with the car key in their pocket. I won't name names. It is an electronic key, and we were unable to start the car when we were ready to go back to the condo. We did, however, manage to set off the car alarm. Fun times, standing around in the blazing mid-day sun with the car horn honking non-stop. We eventually got a cab home, where there was a spare key so we could come back and retrieve the car.

That evening, we had a show at the Ritz. It was our second time playing there. We were psyched because of how much fun we had had there the year before.

We got set up early, leisurely. All was good. We had time for a walk before we played. Then, right before we were supposed to start, a musician's worst nightmare happened. The bass got knocked over. Was it okay? No. No it was not. The neck was broken. It was unplayable! Total fucking disaster!

Deep breaths. The show must go on. I sang with just my guitar and some piano, with no bass accompaniment. Dacey sang some harmonies. It was a stripped down show. The bar patrons and staff were very kind to us. Special thanks to one of the bartenders, Caroline, who made a point of sending a tip jar around to gather much needed fix-the-bass funds, and put in a nice donation herself!

And that was the last show of the tour. What a finale!