Summer Tour 2017: Andy's Old Port Pub in Portland, ME

We spent a lazy morning at Dad's house. Dacey called Truro Vineyards and to our shock, our gig was still on. Later in the day we played a marathon game of Quiddler with Dad and Elizabeth. I also got to catch up a bit on the phone with my old college friend Kate. She lives in Maine and I'd hoped to see her, but she was out of state at the time.

We went in to Portand with Dad and Elizabeth for an early (4:30) pre-gig "dinner" at Gilbert's Chowder House, right next door to Andy's Old Port Pub where were playing. Dacey and I then went to set up for the show. Grace joined Dad and E. for our first set, which was pretty well-attended.

My high school pals Kristen and Adele came in later with their husbands and kids. Fun! I hadn't seen them in years (decades?) They stayed the whole evening AND helped us mule stuff out to the van at the end -- big bonus friendship points! Adele actually lives in Portland, but Kristen lives ~1.5 hours away in Manchester, NH, so her family made quite the trek! (They stayed the night at the Hyatt rather than driving back home.)

By the end of the night the bar was pretty empty. A couple wandered in right before our third set and we convinced them to stay despite what appeared to be a dead scene; they loved the music and thanked us for making it a fun night for them.

Other random memories of the night:
1. A really drunk guy repeatedly yelling out "Linda Ronstadt!"
2. A fairly drunk guy who tipped us $20 before we even started playing, and tipped again to get us to play a birthday song for the lady next to him. We don't think they were actually a couple.
3. A nice couple, Ramon and Dorey, who requested a song for their 30th anniversary, leaving it up to us to choose, thank god. We played "Eternity" by Imelda May for them.