Summer Tour 2017: Bar Harbor to Cumberland, ME

We cooked breakfast over the campfire, broke down camp, and left the campground around 11:30 am. I was sad to go. We wanted to hike up Penobscot Mountain, but there was ZERO parking available at Jordan Pond House where we could have accessed the trail head. There was no parking at multiple other lots where could have gotten to other trail heads. VERY FRUSTRATING. This is why that shuttle bus is so necessary; we would have taken it but we were planning to get one last hike in on the way out of the park.

We finally parked at the trail head for the Precipice Trail. That lot was wide open because... the trail was closed to avoid disturbance to the nesting Peregrines. (We did get to see the Peregrines fly overhead while we were at the base of their cliff.) So at that point it seemed our only option was to take the trail on the opposite side of the road, to Schooner Head outlook, which we did. There were some nice views, and a mafia gull who demanded snacks when he saw us eating trailmix and Smartfood. 

We finally left Bar Harbor close to 4 pm, and drove down to my Dad's place in Cumberland, ME. He grilled skewers of veggies, scallops, and chicken for dinner. After that we spent the evening hanging out with Dad, his wife Grace, and my sister Elizabeth, chatting and doing a much-needed load of laundry. We also took the opportunity to look on the web for information on our upcoming show in Truro, MA (on the Cape in a few days). There was no mention of musicians, anywhere on the listing for the event, which was a wine-and-small-plates tasting/pairing. We became 98% certain that we had no gig after all...