Summer Tour 2017: Chummies in Ellsworth, ME

Instead of making our own breakfast, we went to the campground's Gathering Place for donuts and coffee. It was drizzly and rainy off and on through the morning, so we decided not to rent bikes as originally planned. Instead, we drove to Southwest Harbor and walked around a bit, picked up some groceries from Sawyer's Market -- one of those really nice markets where you end up spending way too much money. Then we went on to Bass Harbor. There wasn't much there, but we had lunch at Seafood Ketch (bad name, good food).

As the weather cleared up, we went to see the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. The views were nice but oh-my-god the parking situation was the worst. We had to wait in line to park and we considered giving up and turning around, but we were kind of stuck at that point. Finally we managed to get a parking space, walked around a bit, and took a few pictures.

Next we went on a figure-8 loop trail, the Ship Harbor Trail. That was really nice, with great views, and some beautiful plants like huckleberry and laurel. We even got to watch a dolphin for awhile.

We went back to the campground to relax for awhile. I actually fell asleep in a camp chair for a bit. Dacey went over to the Gathering Place to charge his phone and hang out, and I met him there later, taking the nature trail instead of the road.

In the evening, we headed off to our next scheduled gig at Chummies, in Ellsworth. Gabe the owner was very friendly, very supportive of musicians (he is one himself). We got set up on the stage, then had pizza slices and beer before starting to play a little before 9:30. There was not a huge crowd, but it seemed good enough to us, whereas Gabe seemed disappointed in the turnout. There had been a festival in town that day and I imagine people had had enough music and drinks for one day at that point. In any case, the folks there were pretty fun for the most part, and we got some nice compliments from several people. The most entertaining guy at the bar, Chet, handed me a 20-dollar bill as "gas money" and the end of the show -- most appreciated! So I gave him a CD. 

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