Summer Tour 2017: Finale at The Ritz, Martha's Vineyard

We spent a lazy morning hanging around at Sam's house. In the afternoon, we took a driving tour of the Vineyard with Sam, Dad, and Elizabeth.

After that, Dacey and I fancied up and went over to The Ritz to set up and play. We had a GREAT crowd, and it was one of the most fun nights we've ever had playing music. We played for two hours straight with no break, just letting the energy flow. This was the final gig of the tour, and an uplifting finale!

Some random memories:

  • Brendan with the Irish accent got up on the mic whenever there was a lull for us to tune up or something, and solicited tips and CD purchases from the audience. We love having someone do that for us, since we are not good at all about doing it for ourselves!
  • Caroline, one of the bartenders, came up and introduced herself to us, but I already absolutely remembered her from last year when she was so kind to us after "The Incident". She also encouraged people to put money in our jar. Caroline rocks!

After our show, we had to haul our gear halfway around the block -- parking in Oak Bluffs is a bitch. We had some help from a very friendly, handsome man. I asked his name, and it turned out that he was my cousin Jed, whom I had not recognized in the mayhem! SOOOO embarassing. (I hope he's forgiven me for that gaffe.)

The family headed back to Sam's, but Dacey and I went back to the Ritz. Dinner was provided for us on an upstairs patio, where we chatted at length with the GM wearing a utilikilt. (I love those!) Then we went back down to listen to Mike Benjamin and his band. Good groove and we had a lot of fun!