Summer Tour 2017: Springfield to Winchester, VA

We spent a leisurely morning and early afternoon with our friend Kim W. and her daughter Mila. For breakfast we had eggs straight from Kim's backyard suburban chickens. After breakfast, I changed the strings on my guitar (waaaay overdue) while Dacey and Mila constructed ever more elaborate obstacle courses, and Kim teleworked. I failed to remember to take a picture of us all, so instead here's a recent picture of Kim and Mila for the record:

We left Kim's house after 2. That was dumb. It's northern Virginia, and apparently rush hour starts around 2 on Fridays. As we sat in the parking lot otherwise known as Interstate 66, we saw a car with the perfect vanity plate. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture and didn't write it down, so I don't remember EXACTLY what it was, but it was something like 'RTE66SKS'.

Our original plan was to go hiking at Sky Meadows State Park, but it started raining pretty hard, so we decided to go wine-tasting instead. Our first stop was at Three Foxes Vineyard. The tasting room was pretty small but there was plenty of outdoor seating for a nicer day.

After the tasting, as we stood outside under a canopy admiring some of their flowers, a hummingbird flew up, unfazed by the rain, and drank some nectar. We got a great look at it. But we did not get a picture.

Our next stop was Delaplane Cellars.

We got there shortly before they closed, but we did have time for a tasting. We really liked the wine there and bought two bottles.

The view from the winery was beautiful despite the rain.

After that it was time to get to our next gig location, Mimosa Restaurant in Winchester, VA. Both of us fully expected to be playing downtown in the historic district, so we were confused when the GPS directed us into a Shop 'n Save plaza. And there it was.

We had ample space inside to set up, and time to eat dinner before playing. The place was virtually empty, which didn't bode well for our show. By the time we started playing at 7, there were only a few people in the place, but thankfully they seemed to genuinely enjoy the private concert, especially one couple seated in a corner. Soon, my friend Iara and her husband Eric came in with several friends, and even more friends joined them so the group filled a big long table. It ended up being a fun time.

After the show, we joined the group downtown, walked through the pedestrian mall, and wound up at the 50/50 Taphouse for drinks. After we shut the place down, we followed Iara and Eric to their house, where we spent the night.