Summer Tour 2017: Truro to Martha's Vineyard, MA

We had a light breakfast of coffee and scones, then Kim took me and Dacey to the oceanside beach, with massive dunes. We were able to see a few seals as well.

After that we went over to the beach on the bayside, then picked up sandwiches at a little Market, and took them back to the house to eat. Before leaving to catch our ferry to Martha's Vineyard, we got a picture with Kim and her parents. We sure appreciate them putting us up in their lovely home for the night!

In the line for the car ferry, we met up with Dad and Elizabeth, and rode over to Vineyard Haven together.

Once on the other side, Dacey and I stopped to pick up some beer before driving to Uncle Sam's house. (Sam is my Dad's first cousin, so actually not my uncle, but I humor him by calling him that.) We set up "camp" on Sam's screened-in porch, hung out a bit, then went over to the Port Hunter for dinner and drinks before our gig.

Over dinner, we met Taurus for the first time - he was our drummer for the night. He convinced me to try the raw oysters, and I liked it! We had a lot of fun playing with Taurus; we joked that it was "a good rehearsal". Dacey played electric bass and we played more on the rock side of our repertoire. People were up and dancing, enjoying the music despite the fact that the "band" had never before practiced together.