Summer Tour 2017: Vergennes to Calais, VT

We took a morning walk along the road down to the swamp. There were a bunch of Redwings, a Green Heron, and a Warbling Vireo; also some Savannah Sparrows in a field nearby. On our way out there, several cyclists passed us going the opposite direction. One shouted out "Hey, you were the band last night!" We are famous in Vergennes! Or perhaps I should have changed my shirt instead of wearing the same one from the night before...

We checked out of our Airbnb and drove over to Kingsland Bay State Park, where we had a picnic lunch consisting of various leftovers rescued from the fridge, with a side of Smartfood. I went for a quick walk on a trail there (very nice, worthy of further exploration) while John relaxed in the sun and read a book. Then we had to hit the road again. We had an hour and a half drive to the Marshfield Inn and Motel, which was delightfully old-fashioned and quaint.

We barely had time to check in and shower before it was time to leave for our gig at the Whammy Bar in Calais. The GPS took us on some crazy back roads to get there! Some of the roads would have made pleasant hiking trails, but as a road for a big ol' minivan, they were harrowing: barely wide enough for a single vehicle, with deep dropoffs to a ravine. (Later, as we described this to locals at the bar, saying we thought the GPS had chosen an outlandish route, they said "Nah, that's the way you go to get here from there.") We arrived at the designated address, which is basically a crossroads in the middle of nowhere. There is one building containing a little post office, a little grocery market, and, way in the back, a tiny bar/music venue called the Whammy Bar.

There, we met up with Dacey's good old friends from high school, Tom and Chris, whom he hadn't seen in 22 years, give or take. We had a round of beers with them before setting up for the show.

We had no idea what to expect. The place was absolutely empty except for the four of us plus the bartender. Would people actually show up? The anxiety was real... But bless them, people started streaming in and since it's such a small space, it doesn't take much to pack the place. It had kind of a listening room feel, but with a rowdier (more fun) edge to it. We had a blast. Tom sat in with us on drums for the last several songs in each set. No, we had never ever practiced together, so no, it was not 100% tight by any means, but it sure was fun! The crowd cheered enthusiastically and made us feel like total rock stars. What a night!

After the show, the four of us hung around talking in the parking lot for probably an hour or more... well after all the lights were extinguished at the venue, and we didn't leave until the next-door neighbor came out and asked us to please be quiet and go away. We felt like high schoolers being chased off the lawn.

Back at the motel, we realized how famished we were; we had never gotten around to eating any dinner. We didn't have much to work with, so dinner consisted of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with a side of Smartfood. Smartfood was becoming a trend for us.

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