Summer Tour 2018: Woodbury Brewing Company

We had to catch an early ferry to make it in time for an afternoon gig in Connecticut. We had coffee and some semblance of breakfast on the boat. We got to the Woodbury Brewing Company around 1 pm. At this point it was HOT. A no-joke heat wave had set in.

The brewery has a beautiful, artfully decorated interior and a spacious stage, AND as an added bonus, they also provide all the sound equipment and a professional to run it. The sound guy thought our name was "Haze and Decay", which made us laugh. We thought it would be a good name for a death metal band, but alas, we play folk.

It was, unfortunately, a very sparse crowd. Beautiful space, beautiful sound, but few people to hear it. Thankfully, we had some friends there to enthusiastically cheer us on. I met my friend Kathy many, many years ago when we were both singing alto in a community choir in Poughkeepsie, NY. She and Brad provided a safe haven from some of the insanity I was going through at the time. I went to their wedding. Now they have one girl in high school and one in college. 


After the show, we all went out for ice cream and chatted until it was time to hit the road again. Dacey and I got a hotel somewhere not too far away. A must-have feature was a swimming pool so we could cool off. We looked into one hotel but saw the pool was packed with kids, so we moved on to another one where the pool was empty and quiet.

By the time we got checked in and put on our swim suits, though, the pool scene had changed from peaceful to chaotic. Oh, it was quite a scene! One very loud, buxom Latina was running and splashing around, yelling "arriba, arriba!", always in imminent danger of a bikini top malfunction. She was surrounded by a number of admiring and flirtatious young men who would take turns jumping in the pool with her. She took a liking to me for some reason, and told me her life story which involved stabbings, theft, and incest, among other things. Then she showed us some videos on her phone from the Carnival in Rio. She said she wants to be one of the dancers someday. Eventually, Dacey and I excused ourselves to go back to our room. She laughed, and made some comment insinuating that the racy videos had gotten a rise out of us and that we had to go "take care of things." Just wow.