Whirlwind Tour, Day 2: Teatown

I have known my godmother Diane since I was born, and she has always been a loving presence in my life.  So when I found out that my godfather, Peter, was throwing a surprise party to celebrate her 70th birthday, I really wanted to be there, even though it is a loooong way from Virginia to New York. Dacey and I decided to make a whirlwind trip of it, and visit his parents as well since they live only an hour away from where the party was to be held.

The plan for this day was for people to meet up at Teatown Lake Reservation at 11 am to go on a leisurely hike around the lake before reconvening at the Carriage House for luncheon at 1.  We got up really early and drove from our motel in Martinsburg, WV for almost 5 hours to arrive at 11:30.  We thought it would be safe to show up at this time, but the hiking group had not yet left and Diane was still there; she spotted us immediately despite my attempt to hide behind a bush.  She sure was surprised!  

But the bigger surprise was yet to come, when we played a short set while people ate the birthday cake.  Everyone seemed to love the music, and I think Diane was really touched.  I was happy that I could give this gift to her, and it was certainly one of the most rewarding gigs ever.


After the party was over, Dacey and I hiked around the lake, which was lovely.

And then, back in the car to drive to New Paltz. We checked in at the Super 8, then went to the Gilded Otter for dinner.  My father drove down from Maine and joined us a little later.   The Otter has nice outdoor patio seating, decent food and good beer, but MY GOD the music playing on their stereo was simply terrible.  For that reason alone we probably won't go again.